Raw Organic Honey

Raglan apiaries offer 100% raw and non filtered honey. Our raw honey is collected through the simple process while complying with our apiary management practice by treating our bees with highest respect. We do not compromise standards and honey parameters. Our raw premium honey is lab tested for HMF, active enzymes parameter and natural anitbiotic properties.


Our story began when our two grandfathers established separate apiaries back in 1956. They shared the same passion which was passed to next generations. Our father further expanded the operations including queen rearing. We have decided to continue a family tradition and follow a passion. We support what we believe is a great initiative – to respond to nature.
We are not profit driven organization. Raglan strives to provide safe environment for the bees to thrive on. Our goal is to gradually expand healthy colonies and support the nature through our working ethics and core values. We believe that our work with bees helps to reverse a decline of honey bee population and provide the nature with the pollination boost.


About us

You will never taste two identical types of honey offered by our company. We extract separate batch of honey per apiary. We do never blend it or mix it with other honey types and source it only from our apiaries. We never heat the honey in order to preserve its pro health benefits. In Raglan apiaries, we believe that only raw, unprocessed and organic premium honey has the ability to support the human health and wellbeing.

Our craft

Our honey is the outcome of how nature works. We follow the seasons and offer raw organic premium honey from the specific plant flow that occurred at particular time of the year. Very often we are lucky enough to position our apiaries around very unique plants that the harvest provided very rare raw honey. Raglan raw organic honey is the product the way the nature designed it.