The chemical analysis of the honey can be confusing and complicated for the consumer to understand. Below we explain the basics behind two main factors which guarantee the genuine and real honey.

HMF – is the chemical component which presence in honey might mean honey temperature heating above 40 degrees C. If the HMF levels oscillates up to 40.0 mg / 1kg it means that honey has not been heated. The result above 40.0 mg / 1kg means that the honey has been heated and the level can go up to 1000.0 mg / 1kg. High HMF level means that all the honey health properties has been damaged and it also is toxic to human health.

Diastase (enzyme activity) – is the level of active enzymes added to the honey during the honey production by the bees. If the level of active enzymes is below 8 it means that the honey was heat treated or incorrectly storaged and the all the enzymes were damaged (inactivated). The level of active enzymes above 8 guarantees the real and unprocessed honey. The variance of enzymes between different honey types can range between 10 to 50. The more active enzymes the better but the honey types with lower levels are also health beneficial.